Prizes & Incentives For Completing Surveys

From a free food sample at the supermarket to indulging in a two-for-one special, everyone loves a freebie every now and then. One way to guarantee ongoing rewards, monetary or otherwise, is by completing surveys for money from retailers and businesses.

These surveys allow Australians to earn everything from real cash to free samples while helping businesses make better and more informed decisions about their products or services. 

Still unconvinced about the goodies you could be eligible for? This blog post will give you a peek into four common prizes and incentives the average person can earn from completing quick and easy online surveys.


Nothing gets people excited like free cash! Surveys for cash are the most useful for the average respondent and are among the most popular survey incentives. Though there are very few survey websites that award real money and not points for their surveys, having this option really is enticing. Having real cash transferred into your bank account gives you the freedom and flexibility to use your new reward however you see fit.paid survey

Surveyz is an online survey platform that allows members to earn money online in Australia by completing surveys. Unlike other survey platforms, we provide our members with a fair reward for their time and allow our members to take part in surveys that are relevant to their profile.  We ask members to connect their bank accounts with us so that we can utilise de-identified spending patterns to offer surveys that are relevant to our members . To make it worth it, we award members who connect their bank accounts to the platform with double payment for each survey!


We’re big on ensuring Australians get the most bang for their buck when they sign up to Surveyz, which is why we’ve made it simple for users to win big. New customers who sign up to our platform, take part in a survey or refer their friends to our service l also get the opportunity to automatically go into our $5,000 prize draw! 


Gift cards 

Another popular survey incentive amongst online businesses is gift cards. Gift cards are a type of digital cash that can only be used at certain retailers to purchase products. However, unlike receiving real cash, gift cards can limit your spending options, as respondents don’t always get to select the type of gift card they want. 


Reward points 

Collecting reward points is a hobby shared by many Australians across the country. While typically used in retail loyalty programs or advertised as a perk for credit card holders, reward points can also be issued as a bonus for completing a survey. As a person begins to accrue points, they can use them to purchase items online or receive a discount on certain products. 


While this may sound like an easy win, it’s worth noting that reward points often come with complex terms and conditions for how and when they can be used. And in most cases, you may need a hefty points balance to unlock your desired reward. 


Coupons and other special offers 

If you’re a committed online shopper, nothing makes a purchase sweeter than a discount. Many online retailers advertise customer surveys with the promise of a coupon code or special offer upon completion, which means you may be able to snag a bargain on an item you otherwise would have paid full price. 

The one downside of this type of incentive is that you might not come across them as frequently as you’d like, and they may only be available for a limited time or accessible if you spend over a certain amount. 


Earn money online in Australia with Surveyz 

While doing surveys for money is not a new concept  and has been around for a long time, many Australians may have struggled to find a source that provides the best bang for their buck — until now. 

Surveyz is a free app that allows members to make some extra cash in exchange for sharing their opinion. We’ve developed a platform that allows Australians to complete surveys from the comfort of their home at any time that suits their lifestyle. Our surveys can take anywhere between five to over 15 minutes, asking you to share feedback or ideas abouts various products, services and lifestyle choices.

To deliver a product that provides a fair reward, we highly encourage all members to connect their bank accounts to the platform so that de-identified spending patterns can be used to identify groups of members for research. 

To say thanks, we’ll send you two to three surveys a week and double our usual rate if you have your accounts connected! We already pay more than the average survey platforms, so there’s a big opportunity to make some serious cash! 


Create your free account with Surveyz today 

Ready to get started? Create an account with Surveyz and start earning real cash today! Or if you would like more information about how our service works, please do not hesitate to contact us.