Side Hustles That Work: Make Money Taking Surveys

You’ve probably thought about taking paid surveys if you’ve ever considered options for a side hustle. And why not? Surveys are fast, easy, and even a little fun! All you have to do is answer honestly to start watching the cash roll in.

But let’s be honest — while it’s possible to make money taking paid surveys, it’s probably not an alternative to your full-time career. But earning some extra money every month is not to be sniffed at. Paid surveys are still a quick, easy, and legitimate way to make some extra pocket money. 

So, how do you get started making some serious moolah? With a little research, of course!

How to make money doing surveys?

Making money from online surveys happens exactly the way you think it does. You answer some questions, and the survey site will pay you for your time. Questions can be anything and everything, from demographic info to personal opinions. And who doesn’t love to get paid for expressing their personal opinions?

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Taking surveys isn’t rocket science, however, it might take some time to figure out the system. There are lots of different formats and types of surveys online:

  • Point-based systems that let you convert earned points to gift cards or real money. 
  • Surveys that pay once you reach a certain in-app threshold. 
  • Sites that pay you via gift cards rather than cash. 


Quite a few survey platforms are available online, most with their unique payment systems. It’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with expectations and only choose the platforms that align with your goals.

By the way – Surveyz pays you real money, not confusing points or vouchers.

Once you’ve reached $20 in earnings, you can withdraw the money you earn directly to your bank account. And, did we mention we pay $5 for the first welcome survey if you’ve connected your accounts?


How much can you make when you fill our survey forms to earn money online?

The average payment for online surveys varies. The payout you receive largely depends on the length or complexity of the survey. For example, some shorter surveys may pay you $3.50 for your time, while longer surveys may pay $10.

Don’t worry, you’ll be told how much to expect from your survey before you start.  Typically surveys only take a few minutes, so you can complete them in the comfort of your home, during your commute to pay for your morning coffee maybe, or even dare we say it… at work!

Is it hard to earn money doing surveys?

The good news: answering survey questions is probably the easiest thing you’ll do all day. The bad news: it might be a little repetitive. But that’s not always a bad thing!

You can expect questions like:

  • Closed-ended: “Select your age.”
  • Multiple choice: “Which of the following appeals to you?”
  • Rating scale: “How was your experience with the product?”
  • Open answer: “Explain why you would buy this item.”
  • Ranking questions: “Slide these statements into the order of your personal preference.”

If you’re the kind of person who likes to be honest, can answer questions quickly, and doesn’t mind getting personal, surveys can be an effective side hustle for making money online.

Where can I get paid to take surveys?

We might be a little biased, but we believe Surveyz is one of the best survey apps in Australia. We’re a little bit different from other platforms, in that we pay real cash – as opposed to confusing points or vouchers. Also, we allow our members to earn double pay when they connect their bank accounts, as we use de-identified spending patterns to select groups of members for research- e.g. grocery buyers, gym junkies, or health fund members. This means more surveys that are relevant to you.

Typically, members that have linked their primary spending accounts qualify for 2-3 surveys per week. So sign up to Surveyz now – and earn more pay for your say! 




Start off strong, choose Surveyz and earn that dough!

At Surveyz, we believe in paying survey takers just like you for time by answering surveys sent to your inbox every week. Survey topics vary depending on the businesses we’re working with and the groups they need to gain feedback from, but topics typically cover your hobbies, opinions regarding different brands, thoughts on new product concepts, and many other relevant subjects! 


Earn Money Doing Online Surveys

Surveyz makes it easy to earn real money. You can withdraw money directly to your bank rather than converting to a voucher or points. Best of all, you can connect your relevant bank accounts and start earning double the pay per survey!

Ready to get started? We’d love you to join our community! If you have any questions, feel free to give us a shout, and we’ll work on getting you set up as soon as possible.