How Much Can I Earn From Online Surveys?

Anyone looking to fill their spare time and earn money online in Australia can benefit from online surveys. They’re highly accessible and convenient, allowing respondents to participate on their terms.

It’s easy to get started filling out Australian surveys too. Usually, you have to create an account on a secure site like Surveyz, answer a few simple questions and select the surveys that match your interests. If you’re ready to get paid to do surveys and want to know how much you can potentially make, read on to learn more!

How much can you get paid to do surveys?

This depends on your goals. If you’re looking to make a little extra cash to spend on gifts, fund an outing on the weekend or pay a few bills, they can be worth it. To be clear, taking part in surveys isn’t equivalent to a permanent recurring salary. This is because your earnings can fluctuate daily or week to week. Your earnings are also very likely to differ from someone else who does surveys, even if they use the same panels. This is because many factors can influence your earnings when you get paid to do surveys. 

Some sites pay members using a points system or gift vouchers, while other sites like Surveyz pay members in real cash. The amount you can get paid to do surveys will vary depending on the site you use. Generally, you’ll earn around $0.50 going up to just over $10.00 per survey with Surveyz. While this may not seem like a lot, it can add up if you spend enough time participating. With Surveyz, you can earn around $200 to $350 per year by taking our surveys!

Factors that influence your survey pay

There are a few things that decide how well you do with your surveys, and understanding what they are will help you leverage your knowledge to increase your earnings. We’ve outlined some of them below.

Time Spent

How much time do you plan to dedicate to taking surveys? If you only plan on spending a few minutes every other day or so, your earning potential will be a lot less. On the other hand, if you treat it like a part-time job and spend a lot of time doing them, you can earn more.


Many survey sites target specific demographics, meaning you may have greater opportunities to earn more if you fall into their desired range. This is especially true for market research companies. To get the best chances possible and to participate in the most Australian surveys you can, make sure you fill out your profile as completely as you can, answer any questions honestly, and do not rush through surveys when taking part. 

Panel number

Some survey takers stick to one or two panels, while others will have 15, 20 or even 50 different survey sites they frequent to try and earn money. You want to remember that signing up for multiple panels doesn’t always mean you’ll get more chances to earn money or invites to fill out surveys. In fact, this is a quick way to end up with an overloaded inbox where you get so overwhelmed that you stop responding. We recommend starting with one or two reputable survey sites and adding more as you go along.

How survey sites work

Once you create an account, you can typically pick out a survey and complete it, then you’ll get the award in your account. You have to keep taking surveys until you meet the minimum requirement to cash out. The surveys can have different award amounts, and longer or more complex ones can be worth more. So, in theory, the more surveys you do, the higher your chances are of earning more money and the sooner you’ll be able to withdraw your earnings.

Get paid for your say with Surveyz

If you’re looking for places to earn money online in Australia, we recommend signing up to Surveyz. We’re a user-friendly platform that offers plenty of opportunities to take surveys on a broad range of topics. Our goal is to help Australian businesses make better marketing decisions, and your survey answers are an integral part of this process. We pay members in real cash and don’t have a confusing point system. You’ll always know how much money you earned at any given point, and we make the payout process quick and easy. Better yet, we offer double pay for every survey completed to members who connect their main spending accounts! We use de-identified spending patterns to select groups of members for research, and by connecting your accounts, you’ll qualify for more surveys, experience less survey screen outs, and earn even more!

Want to learn more? Please feel free to contact us at any time.