Get Paid to Share Your Opinion: The Ultimate Guide to Online Paid Surveys

Many people are looking for ways to make money online in Australia. One of the easiest ways to do so is by completing online surveys. Brands need to understand exactly how their consumers use their products or are affected by their services. Getting feedback from you through surveys is a fantastic way for them to do this.

In exchange for your opinions and time, survey apps reward survey takers with gift cards or cash. You could use the funds to pay your bills or as some extra cash for night outs. Here are a few tips to help you navigate the online survey market and come away with extra money.

How can a beginner make money online in Australia?

Making money off a survey is pretty straightforward; complete a survey, and you’ll earn cash or gift card points as a reward. The best paid surveys in Australia pay in cash instead of points, like Surveyz.

First, find a reputable survey company you wish to work with. This should be a user-friendly survey company that pays fairly for surveys and prioritises your security. Once you have chosen a survey site, sign up and complete your profile to help the company assess which surveys are appropriate to your profile. Surveyz operates differently from other survey companies, as they pay in cash and enable you to securely link your bank accounts so that your deidentified spending patterns can be used for research and to select you for surveys. This means you qualify for more surveys relevant to you.

Secondly, completing your profile with accurate information is crucial so the survey company can periodically send you surveys. Answer them honestly and take your time to complete the surveys, ensuring you provide accurate answers. This is important as it demonstrates that you are a genuine participant, and by doing so, you’ll then be selected for further surveys. 

The amount you earn will depend on the length and complexity of the survey you choose to fill out. Once you complete a survey, you’ll get paid in cash or points, depending on the survey site you use. Typically you can cash out your money after you reach a certain threshold.

With Surveyz, you will earn real cash instead of confusing points you need to convert or vouchers. Better yet, we offer double pay for every survey completed when you link your main spending accounts! You can then withdraw your earnings as soon as you have reached $20 in your balance.

What to do when doing online surveys?

Taking surveys isn’t hard, but if you decide to move forward with online paid surveys in Australia, you will want to take it seriously. Keep an eye on your email inbox to get invitations to participate promptly, and set aside time each day to work on these surveys. Each survey is only open to a limited number of respondents, so being prompt to fill them out is vital.

Also, be aware of the “quality control” questions. These are simple questions asked during the survey to verify that your past responses are genuine. Quality control checks are important to survey companies, as they need to ensure that participants pay attention to the questions asked in the survey and that research generated based on responses is valid. In the event that you do not answer surveys honestly, you’ll be screened out of the survey and will likely receive no invites to further surveys. As such, reading and answering each question honestly is essential.

What are the best practices when doing online paid surveys in Australia?

When participating in online surveys, there are a few best practices you can follow, no matter which survey company you choose to work with. Some of these are:

  • Look for a top-rated survey company like Surveyz.
  • Keep your profile updated; new opportunities may appear as your life circumstances change.
  • Start surveys as soon as possible, as available surveys will close once they have received enough responses.
  • Ensure your contact details are accurate and up-to-date, and keep an eye on your inbox for new survey invitations.
  • Take your time on each survey and provide honest answers.

Following these simple best practices will help you maximise your survey earnings and ensure you start earning extra cash.

Start earning extra at Surveyz today

Taking surveys can be a great way to earn some extra cash online. Surveyz offers some of the best paid surveys in Australia and can help you to make enough extra money to help pay a bill or two, or have some extra spending money, as long as you are willing to put in the time and effort.

When you find a good survey company that values your time and effort, survey taking can be a rewarding and fantastic experience. The best survey companies will take the time to help you when needed and will pay you fair value for the surveys you take.

If you are ready to start earning some extra cash by taking surveys, we recommend Surveyz. We have over 85,000 members participating in our surveys and earning cash each week. Members are paid in real money and earn double pay for every survey when they securely link your accounts! We use de-identified spending patterns to select groups of members for research, and by connecting your accounts, you’ll qualify for more surveys. Our connected members are completing 4-6 surveys a week on average. Over time, you’ll qualify for more surveys as we grow.

If you have questions about how the survey process works or want to start taking surveys yourself, contact us today — we would be more than happy to assist you!